Lab Wardrobe white-wood

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Lab Wardrobe white-wood Lab Wardrobe white-wood Lab Wardrobe white-wood
Lab Wardrobe white-wood
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Wardrobe with sliding doors
Material: Composition of sliding doors. Each piece consists of: doors, back, cover, baseboard, 1 side measuring 2,5 cm, shelf, 2 clothes rails. DOOR: honeycomb-core panel 30/25 mm with 1 chain pull. WOOD DOOR: 25 mm poplar conglomerate panels with Materico Wood-faced outer/inner sides with horizontal effect. DRAWER: 25/30 poplar conglomerate panels with ash- or oak-veneered or Materico Wood-faced outer/inner sides. Finish: open pore lacquered ash, Materico Wood, lacquered Materico Wood. Handles: included. Polished aluminum side, door height. Soft-close: included.
Dimensions: Pieces: 38,8 cm, 48,8 cm, 77,5 cm, 97,5 cm, side, terminal, wardrobe with 2 and 3 doors, piece with drawer 77,5 cm e 97,5 cm. L 295 cm; sides 2,5 cm thick
Color: 1 door and 2 drawers lacquered in different colors; Materico wood

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