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Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2 Ex moon 2
Ex moon 2
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Outdoor lamp
Material: Laprene, Nebulite®
Dimensions: Ø 70 cm; standard cord length 130 cm
Details: accepts an E27 (max 105W power light) bulb (not included), IP 65 The cord ends with a terminal (no plug)
Useful info: The ground anchor fixing method consists of a circular metal clamp to be fixed to the lamp base by the supplied screw. From the circular clamp three spokes branch out, they must be blocked on the ground using the stoppers (supplied only for rigid flooring, for soft flooring use a peg for anchoring to the ground) into the specific holes. For cleaning of device it is advised to use a dry cloth. It is highly recommended to install the lamp under the careful supervision of a skilled technician.


Spedizione in 3 - 4 settimane

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