Ceramiche De Simone

Ceramic table set x6 Pantelleria


618 €

Ceramic table set x6 Pantelleria
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Table set for 6 people:
6 Dishes
6 Salad plates
6 Soup plates
6 Bowls
6 Glasses

Ceramic hand-crafted by master Sicilian artisans in the workshops of Palermo. Color is lead-free, dishwasher safe


Dish diam. 25 cm
Salad plate diam. 15 cm
Soup plate diam. 20 cm
Bowl diam. 14 cm
Glasses diam. 7,5 x H 9 cm

More Details:
Handmade products. For this reason dimensions and some details may vary. One-of-a-kind pieces

Ceramiche De Simone - Official Video from Lovli on Vimeo.


3-4 settimane

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