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We want to promote a relation between urban people and nature by raising city dwellers' awareness of agriculture through a direct day-by-day experience. We envisage smart and creative solutions for indoor farming in urban environments all year round.

Surprising lights to help you grow vegetables, cacti and herbs at home all year round. Milan-based light designer Lorenzo Antonioni started with studying the interaction between light and plants in 2009, then teamed up with other young creatives and founded the label Bulbo in 2012 with the aim of promoting the relationship between urban people and nature through a direct day-by-day experience. Today, after a couple of years of hard work, the cutting-edge brand produces impressively- elegant LED lights for growing vegetables, herbs, and house plants, which have been selected and featured by international design magazines as Domus, Wohnrevue, Hearst Home, Interni, Icon. With a unique combination of functionality, technology and Italian design, these lamps will bring a ray of sunshine indoors, even on the cloudiest day.

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