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Jalo Helsinki

Jalo Helsinki

"A beautiful smoke alarm has no need to be hidden out of sight on the ceiling. A subtle yet stylish piece can be as good in attracting admiring eyes as the design sofa in your living room. We at Jalo Helsinki want people to fall in love with their smoke alarms and let this essential everyday object find its way into as many homes as possible."

Transforming objects designed for our safety into real design pieces thanks to a collaboration with internationally-renowned designers. Jalo Helsinki has reinterpreted common smoke detectors with a fresh language in modern and attractive lines. Kupu, by Harri Koskinen, has a more minimal design, with a fabric lining or chrome finish while Lento, by Paola Suhonen, has a more lighthearted look, inspired by a fly with a pop look. Check them out on Lovli!

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