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Not Common Things

Not Common Things

The Design takes care of "things" and can do it in many ways: rethinking, reinventing, copying, covering, playing around or being serious. Otherwise, like COVO tries to do: by observing. Observing the world of “things” which surrounds us and trying to imagine new objects which will take their places in the empty spots of our imagination.

Coat hangers like branches, armchairs that enclose you, pendulum clocks with extra long legs, picture frames with tense wire...Not Common things by Covo unites simple and knowing complements that express irony but whispering, without excesses and exalting feelings. They define and characterize our ambient keeping true to brand guidelines: fine quality materials, experimentation. An Italian DNA with international roots. Covo over the last 10 years has been the perfect interpreter of the combination elegance and simplicity.

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