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Stefano Bernardeschi

Stefano Bernardeschi

I've been working in video and photography for almost 10 years. Contrarily to a lot of my colleagues, I'm not scared or annoyed by a world where everyone owns a camera but, on the contrary, find it an extraordinary opportunity for beauty to flourish.

Stefano Bernardeschi was born in Cesena in 1979, and currently lives and works in Milan. Graduated from Scuola di Cinema, Tv and Nuovi Media of Milan, he has been working for ClassCNBC since 2007 as video operator, TV director and editor. In the same year he began curating video reports for; to now counting more than 100, collaboration he continues with what has now become a webTV on the StreamIT platform (channel 35). Director, photographer, graphic designer and journalist (member of the Journalist Association since 2011) since 2012 he also shares his expertise as a social web developer and social tutor for prestigious companies and brands. An expert in social advertising, he helps companies create on-line communication, tracing it's success and analyze the results.

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